When: 31 May to 2 June 2016
Where: Norway Trade Fairs in Lillestrøm
Project Managers: Halvor Krossen, Jon Atle Sandbakken
Designers: Henriette Fossnes Fox, Bendik Skilbrei, Sture Fagerland, Paulina Grychowska


20 projects at Eliaden

NPG delivered about twenty exhibition stands in all sizes and shapes at Eliaden 2016. NPG had the pleasure of building stands for both existing and new customers.

One of our customers, J.S Cook, won the price for the best stand under 50sqm. It is the second time that NPG delivers the best stand at Eliaden. The award is dedicated to the exhibitors who make an extra effort, and there are several criteria that the decision is based upon. It’s the combination of stand design, creativity, company profiling, presentation of products and solutions, stand personnel and marketing strategies for the exhibition.
Check out the link if you would like to read more about the best stand.


Exhibition for the electrical engineering industry

Eliaden is one of Norway’s largest trade fairs and this year’s exhibition was held from 31 May to 2 June 2016 at Norway Trade Fairs in Lillestrøm. The fair includes energy, industry and electrical installation; all subjects in the electrical engineering industry. Last time the fair was organized, 20,000 visitors and 320 exhibitors took the tour.


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