Nortura Proff

When: 7-10 February, 2017
Where: Norway Trade Fairs, Lillestrøm
Project Manager: Halvor Krossen
Designer: Henriette Fox


Nortura Proff won best stand at SMAK 2017

At a trade fair with almost 400 exhibitors, where most of them has put a huge amount of work to build unique, inviting and functional exhibition arenas, it is hard to win the price for the best stand. This time it was our client, Nortura Proff, who win the price at SMAK 2017!


A Creative Process

Designer Henriette Fox and Project Manager Halvor Krossen had the pleasure of developing an exceptional stand concept in collaboration with Nortura Proff.

Nortura communicated that they wanted a barn in the initial meetings, and NPG was given this great opportunity to develop this initial idea to an exceptional stand concept. The process has been very exciting and dynamic, and the concept development a great collaboration between Nortura Proff and the NPG team.


A modern twist was a key factor

The jury emphasised that the stand was inviting, functional and outstanding. They have succeeded in making a modern twist for the traditional supplier.

They also gave credit to the stand personnel who were active, knowledgeable and very attentive.
Hilde Klerck-Nilssen, Dinh Tran, Petter Brinchmann and Jan Arstad received the best prize on behalf of Nortura Proff.


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