Offshore Technology Days (OTD)

When: 19-20. October 2016
Where: Sotra Arena, Bergen
Project Managers: Jon Atle Sandbakken and Halvor Krossen


About the fair:

Norway’s largest annual oil, gas and energy exhibition, Offshore Technology Days (OTD), brings together 350 exhibitors and 15,000-20,000 delegates, including 2000 students. Under the slogan “We are the Norwegian Continental Shelf”, OTD is an important arena for main suppliers, as well as smaller suppliers, to the Norwegian offshore industry.

NPG was present during the opening of the fair, the exhibition days as well as the disassembly to assist our customers throughout all the phases of the project.

We would like to thank our customers Glava, Kwintet Norway (Wenaas), Franzefoss, J.S. Cock, Symetri, Otto Olsen and Dacon for great collaboration.

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