Scandinaviegaarden 100 years

When: 27.09.16
Where: Oslo, Norge
Project Manager: May-Britt H. Bjerke


NPG arranged the 100th corporate anniversary of Scandinaviegaard

Project Manager May-Britt had the main responsibility for planning and implementation, and made sure everything went as it should during the event itself. The guests were welcomed by the band Dixie Flash, which is an acoustic trio consisting of the instruments trumpet, drums and tuba. In addition, trumpeter Marius Gjersøe performed with great vocals for the occasion. The concept worked perfectly during the event’s aperitif, and the band took the initiative at all times to create great atmosphere among the guests.


Delicious food delivered by Kjell Tores Mat and Alex Sushi

After an hour, the guests were invited to the dining area, where Kjell Tore’s food was served with the most delicious dishes by the celebrity chefs. There was also sushi served from Alex Sushi, at the request of the hostess.

Speeches, entertainment and fantastic food made sure that the evening was a great success, and NPG wishes Scandinaviegaarden happiness for the next 100 years!

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