TSF Seminar

When: 27th and 28th January 2017
Where: Quality Hotel Expo at Fornebu
Project leader: Katrin Andersen


About the event

The NPG has once again organized a seminar on behalf of Norwegian Joint Association of Dental Specialities. The dental specialists’ seminar (TSF Seminar) is organized every other year, and brings together most of the country’s dental specialists.


Bone tissue and antibiotic resistance’s are key themes

The seminar took place at the Quality Hotel Expo at Fornebu, at the end of January. One of the topics of the conference was: “Antibiotics Resistance – Political Issue in Clinical Everyday Life“. Debate around what dentists can do to limit / reduce the occurrence of antibiotic resistance were discussed. After a successful first seminar day, the participants gathered for a nice 3-course dinner on Friday night with entertainment and great atmosphere. There were over 230 participants enrolled and with lecturers, guests and representatives of 17 exhibitors, there were over 300 people present at the event.

Download the seminar program here


NPG’s contribution at the TSF Seminar

As the organizer of the TSF Seminar, NPG took care of all practical details, ranging from registration of participants, booking of hotel rooms, planning of dinner with entertainment, gift delivery to lecturers, detailed planning to make sure that everything went according to plan.



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