The importance of Event Marketing 1

The importance of Event Marketing

There are many things to consider when promotion your event. We have looked at the importance of event marketing and which strategy, objectives and channels you should consider to increase awareness and reach for the event. 


By Veronica Fredriksen


Event Marketing is a growing trend

According to Bizzabo, 55% of organizations spend over 21% of their B2B marketing budgets on events. More marketing professionals are using event as their preferred marketing tool. So how can we define Event Marketing? Event Marketing can be describes as “the experiential marketing of a brand, service or product through promotional events”. It typically involves direct interaction with a brand’s representatives, and therefore involves face-to-face communication.


Event can be anything from webinars to conferences

Event Marketing can be anything from a company hosting an event, sponsoring an event or exhibiting at a trade show. 

  • Participating at trade shows
  • Digital experiences
  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Summit
  • Expo
  • Workshops
  • Webinars
  • Breakfast seminars
  • Live streamed workshops


The importance of Event Marketing 2


Effective tools for event marketing

The most effective tools for event marketing are the company website, social media, email marketing and content marketing including SEO.


Event Marketing


Objectives and benefits 

How should you create a buzz around your upcoming event? With the objectives for your marketing efforts in place, then you can reach for the stars! Creating awareness, reach the maximum number of people and get people to look for information about your event. 

  • Awareness –increase awareness for of your event and getting them interested in founding out more information.
  • Reach – maximum the number of people in your target group
  • Consideration – get people to think about your event and look for more information about it

The benefits of event marketing can be everything from sales, lead generation, increasing brand awareness, building brand affinity, establishing and growing relationships, leadership and credibility. 


Marketing Channels

When you have the objectives in place for your marketing efforts, then you need to consider which marketing channels are most suitable to promote your event. A combination of different channels like email marketing, social media, event discovery sites, Google Ads and SEO is important to create awareness, reach and consideration. With a good strategy in place you will see several benefits from your efforts like growing leads, sales, increased brand awareness, building a strong brand, establish and growing relationships and credibility. 



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