Exhibition stands

STAND OUT with high impact exhibition stands

NPG is an international award-winning exhibition and event partner. We offer great customer service and design high-impact exhibition stands to customers all over the world. Your stand design reflects the key message of your brand and effectively communicates the message of your company. Choose a clever exhibition stand design that combines design with practicality.

International Projects

NPG has through many years designed and delivered stand- and communication solutions in various sizes and formats for Norwegian and international exhibitors worldwide. Our experienced project managers oversea every details of the project, ensure the highest quality at every level, as well as in accordance to national and regional laws and regulations. Through many years of experience from international trade fairs, we have access to a worldwide network of suppliers and partners together with our offices in Stockholm, Frankfurt, Budapest and Seoul.


We have extensive experience in designing and delivering pavilions for private and public companies and organizations. NPG creates ideal solutions that combines the overall profile for the pavilion, as well as the unique interests of each individual exhibitor.

Pre-designed and cost effective trade show exhibits

We design and build unique trade show exhibits and fabric exhibition stands that attracts attention. We have several cost efficient turnkey solutions which will make you stand out from the crowd. Like our bespoke exhibition stands, the trade show exhibit rentals can be custom-designed and tailored to your company profile.



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