Eye-catching stand design and engaging events at ONS 1

Eye-catching stand design and engaging events at ONS

Looking for an eye-catching stand design for your next exhibition?

Look no further! ONS is one of the world’s leading energy meeting places. The event consists of a high quality exhibition, an esteemed conference and a unique festival. Here, the energy industry gathers to network, debate and do business. The event takes place every second year in Stavanger, Norway.


Events and trade fairs are unique arenas for networking, increase engagement and drive sales

NPG is the market leader in exhibit marketing, design and construction of exhibition stands, and our employees have a passion for branding and the unique experiences that create profitable meetings between people. We create and organize award-wining exhibition stands and events for organizers and exhibitors at trade fairs.


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Events and trade fairs are becoming more important as it offers interaction and engagement between people in a world where technology has changed the way we socialize. Is also has a great impact on how we organize and advertise events and exhibitions.

With NPG on your team you can be certain that you will have an exhibition stand or event which stands out at the exhibition floor, increases engagement among the visitors at the fair and dives sales!


Planning an event during ONS?

NPG is a full-service event agency and can help you with organizing any event from small gatherings to larger conferences. We help our customers to communicate their vision, highlight values ​​and reinforce relationships through strategic use of events.




Exhibition stand design

NPG design and supply high-impact exhibition stands making sure your brand will stand out in the exhibition hall. Our experienced team will work closely with you to create a unique stand design that reflects your requirements, exhibition goals and budget. Our designers will create 3D renderings of your stand.


We can build your stand based on your 3D sketches

Do you have a stand sketch but no builder? We can build your stand based on your drawings! 


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Let’s talk about your next project

Organizing your exhibition booth just got easier… Get in touch with us regarding your upcoming project!

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