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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Christmas is just around the corner, and the new year is fast approaching. 2020 has been a challenging and special year for society, our industry and our customers. We hope that you are healthy, taking care of yourself and each other!

The event industry in Norway and internationally has been heavily impacted, and a vulnerable industry that has been largely prevented from conducting conventional events and trade fairs based on the Covid situation and government restrictions.

Despite the challenging situation, NPG has assisted a number of businesses and brands with content, online events and digital productions. We have worked hard to take care of and assist customers in positioning themselves in a tough market.

A key focus for NPG has also been to take care of our organization, and ensure that our employees are with us in the future. We are proud of all our talented employees. With commitment, knowledge, competence and experience, they are the mainstay of NPG.

At the same time, we have worked hard with long-term strategic measures to further develop new business areas, and to take care of and develop our existing business areas and our core competence.

Concepts with new composition and content

We continue our focus on creating strong, engaging and profitable meeting places, and have used the time well to further develop the product and service range within technology, digital services, content and production. With our assistance, and through our solutions, you will still be able to gather customers and colleagues in a strong, future-oriented and engaging digital event format.

All companies and employees in the NPG group have great faith in strengthening live meeting places with an expanded catalog of digital tools. Our goal is, as always, creative and well-thought-out concepts with new composition and content, and we look forward to creating content-rich arenas and engaging experiences!

May Christmas give you the best end to the year, and pave the way for a new start for 2021. The very best wishes for a fantastic Christmas time from all of us at NPG.

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