Digital conference for the dental industry 1

Digital conference for the dental industry

The Norwegian Dental Association conference goes digital.

A record-breaking number of attendees

A record-breaking number of attendees with over 3,200 participants from the dental health sector is taking part in the digital conference with engaging live broadcasts, debates, and interesting lectures. It is the first time NTF annual meeting is broadcasted live and we couldn’t be more happy about the execution!

NTFs Digital Conference

The digital conference offers high profiled guests such as the Assistant Health Director, Espen Nakstad and Line Vold from the National Institute of Public Health amongst others.

Virtual and hybrid events

NPG combines the technical know-how with hybrid event to streamline event management and deliver interactive experiences.

We manages the client’s online events from start to finish.

  • Full project management
  • Digital event platform
  • Event Management System
  • Live streaming
  • TV Studio
  • Separate break-out sessions
  • Mobile event app

NPG ensures a professional and seamless event with an interacting and engaging concept, digital event platform, TV production and live broadcasts from the studio!

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