100 year anniversary

Franzefoss 100 year anniversary

When: 18. – 20. June 2019
Where: The Qube & Clarion Hotel & Congress Oslo Airport
Project Manager: Siri Bentsen 
Designer: Darien Barisa


100 year anniversary

Every year, Avfall Norge arrange the industry’s most important conference, focusing on inspiring, sharing knowledge and building networks. Franzefoss participated with great commitment and wanted to mark their 100th anniversary at the conference. NPG was commissioned to develop the concept, design, production and execution of the stand. The result was a playful design that shows the history of Franzefoss.


Birthdays are special. A round, 3-digit number makes it even more special. For this occasion it was only logical to create a concept that would be a bit different from what we’re used to.

I started with the idea of a home birthday party which, by it’s definition, should be fun. Ever since I could remember, the past has been portrayed as something that carries a certain sentiment, and often very serious as well. I decided to capture that spirit by using old furniture. But since those old pieces of furniture are visually heavy, I had to create a visually clean environment for them which would both neutralize and accent them. The most practical solution was to enclose the stand and achieve so with graphics. Enclosing, in turn, resulted in creating a sense of real home coziness, which I developed further by turning it into a fairly realistic residential floor plan.

As far as the wall graphics are concerned, I needed them to be really simple, really playful and really effective. I drew them by hand, and made sure that some parts, in combination with the real-life photos and the equipment used, extend into the real world in order to create a more immersive experience. That way I could document the important moments from Franzefoss’ history, connect them with the idea of time and tradition while keeping everything playful and exciting.

Happy birthday, Franzefoss, and thanks for making our city clean!

Darien Sasic Barisa




Visitors at the booth was invited to take selfies. The photos marked with Franzefoss’s anniversary logo could be shared in social media. A unique opportunity for Franzefoss to communicate with the target audience online.


Franzefoss 100 year anniversary 1


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