When: 18. – 21. October 2017
Where: Norway Trade Fairs
Project Manager: Halvor Krossen
Designer: Henriette Fox


Standing out at in the exhibition hall

At any trade shows, there are hundreds of exhibitors trying to attract potential customers to their stands. One of the eye-catcher is to use bold colours to be easy to spot in the crowd. With black on yellow and a recognizable visual expression, Glava was very visible at Bygg Reis Deg. The location of the stand was also great, in which they were positioned in a crossing, and the stand design was thoroughly planned accordingly to get as many visitors to the stand as possible. Big images and screens are also important factors in capturing people’s attention, which was also incorporated in the Glava stand.


Stand activities

Innovative exhibition activities are a great way to get people involved, and  Glava taking this to account at the fair. Activities included testing of the acoustics and experiencing an optimal indoor environment inside the Glava-isolated living room. The visitors also had the chance to take part of the competition involving guessing how easy the insulation is to work with, both in terms of weight, transportation and handling. All activities on the stand was detailed planned by the client to promote their products at the same time.


The stand was delivered in cooperation with Metro Branding.


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