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Munch Brygge Showroom

When: Autumn 2016
Where: Bjørvika, Oslo
Project leader: Halvor Krossen


NPG builds Munch Brygge Showroom

Perfectly located on the edge of the bridge where Aker river flows into the Oslo Fjord, Munch Brygge – the city’s new place by the fjord. Munch Brygge is located on “Paulsenkaia” next to the Norwegian Opera and the new Munch Museum, and NPG recommends everyone to visit! On behalf of Stor-Oslo Eiendom, we had the pleasure of building the showroom within a very short deadline. 


Great feedback from Stor-Oslo Real Eiendom

NPG and project manager Halvor Krossen has had the pleasure of taking part in the development of the show room, and our customer Stor-Oslo Eiendom was very pleased, which is clearly stated in the feedback we received:

Thank you very much for the impressive quick and amazing effort from you and your team. This had never come true in time without your commitment! “

Should you develop and produce a show room, then NPG ( and Halvor Krossen is the preferred contact. Three soaked containers from Rift have been transformed into a great show room within a week. Thumbs-Up for the engagement and work-spirit”

Geir Johnsen

Partner and Project manager for Munch Brygge



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