Nippon Gases exhibition booth design

Nippon Gases Norge

When: 20 – 23 August 2019
Where: Trondheim Spektrum
Project Manager: Bent Røiseland
Designer: Darien Sasic Barisa


Nippon Gases – Nordic feel with a dash of Japanese tradition

Nippon Gases are a Japanese company exhibiting at Aqua Nor in Norway. Rather than trying to find a balance between presenting Japanese heritage and conveying a clear message to Norwegian visitors, we decided to use the one element both cultures have in common – simplicity. In addition, we connected the company’s products and let them serve as a bridge between symbols of our two cultures, giving the stand a complete Nordic feel with a dash of Japanese tradition.

This is a conceptual stand design, meaning it was developed to clearly convey a story using more than just visual elements. We decided to utilize both standard ice and dry ice in order to build a narrative, thus further developing the initial concept. There, we could find a link between company’s products and general association with the Nordic atmosphere.

This resulted in building a rather big ice wall, followed by an ice bar in front. As for the other elements, we used the Nippon Gases signature gradient in the background and kept the rest of the stand very clean and simple, while making sure we have optimized crowd flow and product display.

We are very proud of this solution because it provides not only with a representable design and brand building possibilities, it also provides an unforgettable experience for the visitors. In addition to that, it tells a very complex story in a very simple way.



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