When: April 28, 2021

What: Digital broadcasts and production

Project leader: Kristian Lerø  


UNICEF Norway | World Vaccination Program

NPG has had the pleasure of assisting UNICEF Norway with the implementation and production of digital broadcasts on the global vaccine challenge and a fairer access to vaccines. The setup consisted of information, panel, press conference and brand building.  


International cooperation

To mark the World Immunization Week and address the global COVID vaccine challenge, UNICEF arranged digital broadcasts with experts from Norway, South Africa, the United States and Switzerland. Norway, together with South Africa, will lead the work to ensure that the global activities to combat the Covid-19 pandemic are as effective as possible, and to promote fair access to Covid-19 tests, treatments and vaccines. Minister for Development Aid Dag-Inge Ulstein participated in the debate from a studio in Oslo with, among others, South Africa’s Minister of Health Zweli Mkhize and UNICEF’s Secretary General Henrietta H. Fore on link.  



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