World Cheese Awards

When: 2.-3. november 2018
Where: Grieghallen, Bergen
Project Manager: Halvor Krossen
Designer: Berit Volden


World Cheese Awards arranged for the first time in Norway

The World Cheese Awards was arranged in Bergen as part of a brand-new festival, Matnasjonen Norge, in partnership with HANEN, an organisation promoting the best that the Norwegian countryside has to offer, and the Norwegian Artisan Cheesemaker Association. Fanaost made by Ostegården, a small farm in Norway, was crowned the best cheese in the world on home soil as the 2018 World Cheese Awards concluded in Bergen with an emotional finale.


NPG behind the stand concept for TINE

TINE is one of the main partners of World Cheese Awards, and also the contestant with most cheeses participating in the award. NPG had the pleasure of delivering TINEs concept, 3D rendering and the construction of TINE’s stand in Bergen. Both project manager, Halvor Krossen, and designer, Berit Volden, were present during the assembly/opening to ensure quality delivery and perhaps to get a taste bite or two of the total of 3472 cheeses to be judged in the competition.



TINES video from the award


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