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Before you start

You will receive a document from NPG containing detailed measurements of all graphical elements contained in your project. Please make sure all graphics are delivered as single-page uncompressed .PDF files in CMYK, no larger than 1GB.

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You can upload your files by scrolling to the bottom of this page.
Please select the designer that has been assigned to your project as a recipient.

Graphic guidelines

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1 – Size

Artboard/page size should be 10% of the graphic size specified by us.

2 – Bleed

Please DO NOT include bleed or any kind of markings (f.e. cropmarks, calibration markings etc).

3 – Images

Images need to be at least 100dpi when scaled to 100%.

Images need to be embedded and not linked.

4 – Logos and graphics

Logos need to be vectorized and embedded. Lines converted to objects with fills, no outlines.

5 – Text

All text needs to be converted to outlines/curves.

6 – Continuing graphics

In case you have graphics continuing from one surface to another (multiple connected walls, corners, edges…) please extend the graphics 5mm from
each side. That way we can add bleed ourselves easily if necessary.

7 – Naming files

Please use the following template when naming your files:
Exhibitor – Fair – Stand Number – Graphic – Name – Size (WxH) – Scale – Number of copies
Example: NPG – Euroshop 2020 – D23-01 – Graphic A1 – 2600mm x 2500mm – 10% – x2

Download the graphic guidelines in a PDF format

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