Venue and hotel booking

Venue and hotel booking

When organising an event, choosing the right venue is one of the decisions that have the largest impact on your upcoming event.


There are several factors to consider related to the venue such as budget, number of attendees and type of event. The costs related to the venue is also amongst the largest single costs for an event. There are many things to considerate in the search for the right venue to your event: cost, location, ambiance, services, capacity, accessibility, insurance, acoustics, parking and layout In NPG, we have extensive experience in finding suitable venues each client’s needs and budget. We also manage hotel bookings and travel services. We also assist with hotel bookings and travel services.

  • Suggest and evaluate suitable venues
  • Contact with the venue
  • Negotiate and make deals with venues
  • Assist with applications and permits
  • Follow-up of safety requirements
  • Search suitable hotels
  • Hotel contract for accommodation and meeting rooms
  • Booking lists for hotels with follow-ups / changes
  • Coordinate groups and lecturers
  • Transport and travel


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