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Kongsberg Gruppen

Extreme performance for extreme conditions

Kongsberg Gruppen ASA (Kongsberg) is an international technology group that delivers advanced and reliable solutions that improve safety, security and performance in complex operations and under extreme conditions. Kongsberg works with demanding customers in the global defence, maritime, oil and gas, fisheries and aerospace sectors. The Group is divided into three business areas: Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace, Kongsberg Maritime and Kongsberg Digital. The Group has a revenue of 22.600 MNOK, 11,000 employees and is represented in 40 countries.


Trusted event and exhibition partner for many years

Kongsberg participates a in large number of fairs, conferences and exhibitions around the world every year, and NPG is their trusted event and exhibition partner. From being the preferred partner for Kongsberg’s Defence & Aerospace Division for many years, NPG and Kongsberg have expanded the contract to be the chosen partner for all fairs and exhibitions worldwide across all divisions within the Group.

The contract with Kongsberg combines a wide range of products and services, including complete event design and management, large scale exhibitions including restaurants with fully equipped and staffed kitchen, lounges, reception facilities, meeting space and product exhibitions, as well as regular exhibition stands in all shapes and sizes.
Kongsberg is a good example of a client demanding a sustainable, scalable stand solution that displays a consistent brand and visual profile at exhibitions and fairs across the world.


Exhibition Design Manual

NPG has created the Exhibition Design Manual for Kongsberg. The Exhibition Design Manual consists of a set of rules regarding the process of designing and constructing an exhibition stand. As a result, the brand image and visual profile can be maintained across various exhibitions.

The purpose of the manual is to translate the communication guidelines into three dimensions so that the 2D and 3D realms seamlessly express the brand. In the same way that the Brand Guidelines create a cohesive and consistent brand messaging platform, the Exhibition Design Manual establishes a consistent visual look and feel for Kongsberg’s exhibition attendances worldwide. Using the brand elements, the manual provides guiding principles that will allow those unique visitor experiences to be the reflection of the Kongsberg brand. Benefits with the scalable stand concept is to maintain the corporate visual identity on all trade shows as well as time efficiency associated with planning for each event, cost optimization and improved ROI.



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