Skalerbart standkonsept 1

Skalerbart standkonsept

When: 2018
Where: India, Chile and Malaysia
Project Manager: Tore Thiesen
Designer: Paulina Grychowska


NAMMO participates at many exhibitions every year, this year they are attending an impressive 19 trade fairs globally! 

Together with the client, we have developed an Exhibition Design Manual to visualize how their stand can be scaled, depending on different size and location on a trade show. As a result, the brand image and visual profile can be maintained across various exhibitions. Additional benefits are: time efficiency associated with planning for each event, cost optimization and improved ROI.


Stand Concept

The stand design for NAMMO reflects the identity of the brand. The compact character of the structure allows to showcase the products and accommodate a presentation area, even on relatively small stands. Big size illustrations convey company’s message to the visitors. The dynamic accents in the architecture help to attract attention. Combined with the use of wooden elements, they create a modern yet elegant booth.   



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